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chia_seed_bagChia seeds is one of the oldest human foodstuffs. The indigenous people of South and Central America already had experience with the Chia seeds and knew the healthy and invigorating effect and cultivated the labiate plant in large quantities. For the Aztecs, Chia (Salvia Hispanica) was even a magic plant that could supply a person with supernatural energy. Only the scientific research methods of today were able to provide detailed information on ingredients and their effect on health. According to corresponding studies, the Chia seed contains a unique combination of health-promoting active ingredients. According to this study, the food contains a considerable amount of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as well as valuable proteins. The seed contains approximately twice as much protein as other cereal seeds. Chia seeds also contain vitamins B1, B3 and E, an impressive amount of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc and antioxidants. The natural product is free of cholesterol and gluten and contains high-quality soluble fibres. This has a positive effect on the intestinal flora and digestion. Chia seeds help you to lose weight healthily.

Raw and heated Chia seeds enriches the kitchen

The odourless and almost tasteless seed can be combined with other foods in an advantageous way. The seed can be used as an excellent addition to muesli and salad dressings, for example. It can also be mixed in during bread baking. The extraordinarily high calcium content of the semen is five times higher than that of milk. The iron content is three times greater than that of spinach and the proportion of important potassium also exceeds the potassium content of a banana by twice. This is convincingly illustrated by the unique, highly concentrated enrichment of valuable minerals and trace elements.

An additional advantage of the Chia seed in relation to other protein-rich cereal products is the gluten-free property. Anyone who is affected by an intolerance can use a high-quality substitute through the consumption of Chia seeds. Chia seeds are therefore increasingly being used as an alternative to linseed. Chia seeds recipes are available for example for pudding, smoothies or biscuits. The exchange of commercially available flour for ground Chia seeds is possible without any problems. From seeds soaked in almond milk, some ingredients can also be used to make a delicious rice pudding, for example.

The combination with fresh fruit, salads or soups is also recommended. The seed can also be used as an ingredient in fruit curd cheese or scrambled eggs. It is always worthwhile to integrate these easily digestible seeds into the diet in a variety of ways due to the health-promoting substances. The long lasting durability of the semen without loss of nutrients is also an advantage.


Prevention and cure of diseases

Chia seeds are not only a good helper for losing weight. By supporting the elimination of toxins and regulating acids, the Chia seed promotes wound healing processes. The high nutritional content is of great importance as a basis for an intact immune system. The nutrient concentration is also relevant for tissue formation. The soluble dietary fibres counteract heartburn and intestinal problems. As a cholesterol-free food component, the consumption of semen also contributes to a long-term reduction in cholesterol levels. In addition, the antioxidants contained in the seeds have a health-promoting effect. The long-term consumption of Chia seeds additionally causes a healthy reduction in body weight through various influencing components. Many positive experiences can be found on the Internet. With Chia seeds healthy weight loss is therefore possible.

Chia seeds as a preferred nutritional supplement for athletes

The so-called chia-gel is very popular with athletes as an effective and very practical food supplement. Simply add a few parts of water to the seed until the seed is swollen. Alternatively, for reasons of taste, it can also be mixed with fruit juice. By consuming the semen, the body is supplied with nutrients and energy over a longer period of time. The delay in the degradation of carbohydrates can result in a more even and thus longer energy supply. This is especially important for endurance athletes. This process also has a positive effect on the body’s blood sugar level.

Advantageous weight loss with Chia seeds

The slower breakdown of carbohydrates in the body can reduce hunger attacks (the worst challenge of losing weight) by keeping blood sugar levels constant for a longer period of time. In addition, the saturation process accelerated by the Chia seeds leads to a reduction of food intake within the framework of a constant diet.
The positive influence of the blood sugar level has the effect that the storage of fats in the body is reduced. The soluble dietary fibres prevent blockages and have a cleansing effect on the bowel. The body is freed of slag substances by increasing its strength.

The consumption of the semen also ensures an advantageous water balance in the body. The fat burning effect of the high protein content of the semen also has a positive effect on the desired weight reduction. As an additional supplement to a diet, the consumption of Chia seeds with a lot of liquid produces a lasting natural feeling of satiety. This experience has already been made with many different diets. Conclusion: If you want to lose weight, Chia seeds are a saturating and at the same time extremely healthy natural product.


Slimming successfully with Chia seeds
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