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Chia seeds are a real superfood, and the regular application is absolutely beneficial and positive for body, mind and soul. The small grains contain a lot of important vital substances and antioxidants and can thus serve as a source of strength for a whole day. Chia seeds can be prepared in different ways, so that the ingestion can be easily integrated into the daily diet.

The correct intake of Chia seeds

Chia_PuddingIf you want to eat Chia seeds daily, you need to know first of all about the correct application, dosage and handling of the small grains. Chia should always be eaten raw, because as with other foods, a large part of the important vital substances is destroyed during cooking, or substances are formed which are not particularly beneficial to health. Only the ingestion of raw Chia seeds guarantees the positive effect of the super grains.

It can be taken dry, but you should take care to drink enough because Chia has a special property – it binds liquid.
If the Chia seeds are soaked in water or another liquid, a jelly-like mass is formed. This effect can be used to integrate the superfood in a wide variety of variations into the daily meals, so that there is something for every taste. By the way, only one dose of Chia per day may be consumed.


This dosage is recommended

Because Chia seeds are not very long on the market in Europe, the recommended daily dosage was kept relatively low. It is currently 15 grams. That’s 1 tablespoon. For the preparation of smoothies, pudding, muesli or other recipes containing chia, this quantity is usually sufficient. However, it is safe to eat up to 30 grams a day.
The dosage is significantly higher in the USA and other countries. In South America, where Chia seeds come from, one can only smile about this dosage, Chia seeds are eaten there in much larger quantities and that for centuries. However, you should keep to the dosage and avoid excessive overdose.
Examples of application / use (basic recipes)

Working with chia seeds

Chia_seed_breakfastOf course, Chia can be taken as a kind of dietary supplement, pure and raw. The use of Chia seeds in the kitchen, however, offers a wide range of possibilities for preparation and can enrich the daily food not only with the invigorating vital substances, but also with completely new recipe ideas, especially in the area of raw vegetables. Among other things, smoothies, desserts, bread, spreads, salads and soups can be prepared and refined with Chia seeds. Even beginners in cooking or in the raw food kitchen can make recipes with Chia, because it is child’s play to process.

Chia can be used to make very special spreads, pudding and jams that are delicious and above all really healthy. To do this, simply let mixed fruits, herbs or nutmilk be soaked together with chia, a small amount of water and possibly other flavouring ingredients. The result is a super dessert that supplies the body with important substances such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, protein, calcium and iron. Since Chia has hardly any taste of its own, the taste can be arranged according to your wishes. Smoothies can also be thickened with Chia and spiced up in terms of nutrients.

The binding effect of Chia seeds is mainly used in raw vegetable crackers, bread and other dough preparations. For vegans, the seeds can also be used as egg substitutes and can be used in pancakes, bread, fried meats and pastries. They are simply put into the dough and baked with it. However, it should be noted that the quality of the nutrients and proteins changes due to the heat. A good alternative are raw preparations. Raw bread is dried at low temperature in the oven or a drying machine, and raw cakes can be made from fruit, nuts, almonds, cocoa and dried fruits. Chia seeds as an ingredient bring firmness and the special nutrient kick into these raw vital substance bombs.

The use as topping is another application and the easiest way to eat Chia seeds. Sprinkled over salad, muesli, soup, vegetables, stew, yoghurt or dessert, the small seeds not only bring the extra portion of vital energy into the food, but also a crunchy bite.

Kitchen experiments

Kitchen experiments with Chia seeds are fun and give a good feeling, because the many minerals stimulate the organism. Especially the omega-3 fatty acids contained in it can work wonders, because they increase the ability to think and even create mental harmony. So, let’s get to Chia seed.

Chia seeds – intake, dosage & application
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